A few of my favorite… YouTube Channels

I find YouTube to be an endless rabbit hole of content – for better or worse. Can I spend hours and hours and hours watching car wreck videos? Sure. But I also find valuable educational content as well – although I’d argue there are plenty of lessons to be learned from watching car crash videos.

Here are some of my favorite channels by category. Enjoy!

Cool People I Actually Know

Chase&Joel – Marcus and his husband are living the #RVLife in Houston after traveling the world.

Shirtless Jay – he and his husband are based in San Diego and trying to get their new channel off the ground.

Channels About Minimalism

Benjamin Milano – soulful road warrior in search of his destiny. Some good life tips to be had here.

Daniel Titchener – Dan’s a better minimalist than you. Watch his videos to feed your jealousy.

Matt D’Avella – if The Minimalists wrote the book on minimalism, Matt made the movie about it. Literally. That Netflix documentary was made by this guy. Great content!

The Minimalists – Joshua and Ryan are the godfathers or modern minimalism. They even have an awesome Netflix documentary about them. This is the place to get started!

Joshua Becker – Josh has some great content around how to be a minimalist while not pissing off your family!

Thomas Frank – Thomas’ videos skew less on minimalism and more on living a better life but he fits in this category, too.

Channels About Trains

Virtual Railfan – a great channel with live streaming cameras of trains all over America!

Channels About RV Life

Chad and Paul – another gay couple with great videos about living out of their Winnebago Travato campervan.

Keep Your Daydream – Marc and Tricia are living the RV life and probably the most well-spoken representatives of the lifestyle.

Liz Amazaing – Liz is a “more mature” lady traveling the US by RV. Recently she met up with and started dating Paul. They’re a hoot!

StayWithFamily.com – this gay couple rarely uploads now but some of their older RV adventure videos are hilarious. They mostly travel from one gay campground to another.

Tyler and Todd – this young gay couple are a must-watch for us every Sunday. They like flipping RVs and traveling through Canada and the US.

Channels About Tech

Apple – of course, duh.

Apple Explained – let Greg explain to you why Apple is the way they is.

Austin Evans – Austin somehow makes dork sexy as he reviews the latest gadgets and tech.

Chrome Unboxed – I like to keep tabs on what’s happening in Chrome OS-land and this channel keeps it real about the pros and cons.

iJustine – if you long for the days of wide-eyed optimism about tech you have to check out Justine.

Intune Training – if you’re interested in Microsoft Intune this is the channel to learn EVERYTHING from scratch!

Lew Later – host of the Unboxed Therapy channel does a video blog with sidekick Willy.

Linus Tech Tips – in-depth reviews of the latest tech and some hilarious content that may make you laugh… if you’re a fellow geek. Bonus: for some reason they sell underwear.

TechLinked – from the fellas at Linus Tech Tips this nearly-daily show is a great way to get your tech news and shoot chocolate milk out your nose.

Tim Warner – Tim literally wrote the book on learning Azure. Seriously – he wrote Microsoft Azure for Dummies. If you are looking to cert-up start with Tim!

Unbox Therapy – the man, the myth, the boxes… Lew shows you what your life could be like if you could afford all the cool new tech.

zollotech – very deep-dives into the latest from Apple!

Channels About Aviation

Aviation101 – Josh is a flying Texan taking you on adventures and teaching you a thing or two in the process.

Becki and Chris – this cute helicopter-flying couple take you on adventures both at home and in the air.

Trent Palmer – Trent flies a kit plane and lives in the desert. His videos are usually high adrenaline.

Tucker Gott – Tucker’s channel is probably the best way to experience paramotoring from home. His videos have become very well produced and I’m also a fan of his merch.

Channels About Tiny Homes

Kirsten Dirksen – Kirsten and her brand faircompanies.com are an excellent source of no-fluff exploration of alternate living situations.

Channels That Make Me Laugh

Cody Ko – Cody is a survivor of the Vine to YouTube great migration and always cracks me up. Make sure you catch the video about The Kombucha King!

Garrett Watts – possibly the best thing to come out of the mess that is Shane Dawson. Garrett is full of energy, fully of imagination and basically a very big child who will crack you up.

Michael Henry – Michael says all the things about gay culture we all WANT to say. Come for the abs, stay for the dumpster queen tea.

Leon Lush – hilarious videos that basically point out how dumb YouTubers and other humans can be. Coined the phrase “brain worms”.

Zebra Corner – these green-screen skits, usually at the expense of Chevrolet, will leave you on the floor.

Channels About Politics

Brian Tyler Cohen – he’s the guy version of Rachel Maddow on YouTube. I like how he lets a video speak for itself and then breaks it down for you.

Pete Buttigieg – the future of America.

Some Other Good Ones

Adventures of Zach and B – named after him and his dog the channel really should be named after him and his husband. This cute young gay couple are relationship goals!

Avicii – gone but never forgotten. His music is iconic and will live on forever.

Ben Platt – you know him as Evan Hansen but do you know his music?

Coldplay – hands-down my favorite band of all time. Ever.

DALLMYD – hot straight guys hunting for treasure underwater? Yes, please!

Johnny Harris – I got hooked on Johnny because he’s fascinated by maps and does great videos explaining how some borders are drawn (and disputed).

Matt and Blue – an adorable gay couple raising a child out on the farm. You know Matt as Kyle from Kyle XY.

SethEverman – the way he manipulates music makes him The Bad Guy… but he’s SO good at it!

Special Books by Special Kids – if this channel doesn’t choke you up then you just don’t have a heart or soul. As described on the channel Chris interviews disabled and neurodiverse people. If you’re looking for hope for the world start here.

The Proper People – if you ever wanted to explore abandoned places you should start by watching TPP videos!

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