This will be a short one and wasn’t what I had planned to write this weekend but here goes…

I work in IT and am certainly not a worldwide supply chain logistical engineer.

But for the life of me I don’t understand what Apple is thinking when they do stuff like this:

I’ve noticed when I buy any kind of substantial item from Apple they ship it from China. For example, last week I bought an iPhone 12 (blue, if you must know).

I was surprised to get the tracking information so quickly and disappointed to see it was coming from China! When things come from China the delivery takes longer because the item has to sit in Customs for upwards of days. Also – I can’t imagine shipping to Texas from China is cheaper than say shipping the same item from California.

And this is a stock item… the exact same phone I could get if I went in to an Apple store. Nothing custom about this device. Why doesn’t Apple just ship over 53’ containers of this product and ship them one-by-one from California to customers? Wouldn’t that be cheaper and faster?

And since this is the exact same device I could get in my local Apple store why don’t they just ship it from my local Apple store. At least Apple seems to have wised up on that point and have put in motion plans to do just that.

Again – I’m no supply chain expert. If you know why Apple does this please let me know.

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