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All In

I’m going all in on Apple.


Some of my thoughts on “My 600-lb Life”.

Lessons Learned

As someone who has survived the great winter storm combined with horrible government in Texas I have a few thoughts… some lessons learned.


Yes, part of it is pandemic related but at (almost) 42 I’m actually tired of…. tech.


I would love nothing more than to just be an Apple man. Or just be a Google man. Or just be a Microsoft man.

My Favorite Holiday

My favorite holiday, hands down with no close competition, is New Year’s Day. And I appreciate New Year’s Day not in a “let’s have a party and take pictures and get drunk” kind of holiday way. To me New Year’s Day is a holiday that’s personal.

Power and Character

Our president sets the tone for power and character in America. Today is a new day for both.


You won’t hear me talk about my personal life or marriage on here very often but today I’m making an exception.


Why does Apple ship direct to customers from China?

Email Hell

Can we talk about email for a second?

About Me

I’m Chris Barnes. I’ve worked in tech for the last 20+ years. The last 10 years have been spent at a media company and now I work for a managed service provider as Senior Systems Engineer. I live in Houston, TX and work remotely from home. This blog will share my lessons learned and a few gripes. Some topics you might see here: tech, minimalism, aviation, my chill gay life, travel, and my adorable dachshund.

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